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Reports Of Problems With Blood-Thinner Contradicted By McMaster Study

Gender Differences Studied In Risk Of Diseases Caused By Blood Clots

Alteplase OK 3 To 4.5 Hours After Stroke

Clot Risk From HRT Pills And Patches

Making Clot-Buster Safer By Blocking Toxic Effects

New Study Demonstrates Ready-To-Use Cardene® I.V. More Effective Than Labetalol For Immediate Control Of Blood Pressure In Emergency Room Patients

Little-Studied Blood Syndrome Gains Researchers’ Attention

Contrary To Guidelines, Compression Stockings Do Not Reduce The Risk Of Blood Clots After Stroke (CLOTS Study)

African Americans At Significantly Higher Risk Of DVT Or Blood Clots

Vanderbilt And Meharry Establish Center For Excellence In Sickle Cell Disease

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