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Reports Of Problems With Blood-Thinner Contradicted By McMaster Study

For Heart Patients Undergoing Angioplasty, Double Doses Of Clopidogrel Better Than Standard Doses

Roadmap To Integrin Activation Created By UCSD Researchers

ASGE Issues Guidelines On Management Of Antithrombotic Agents For Endoscopic Procedures

Lack Of Adverse Interaction Between Clopidogrel And Stomach Medicine Shown By Cogent Trial

Archemix Announces Initiation Of Phase I Clinical Trial For Novel, Selective Anti-Platelet Aptamer (ARC1779)

Strict Heart Rate Control Provides No Advantage Over Lenient Approach

Researcher Uses Gene Defect Discovery To Help Cardiology Patients

FDA Announces New Boxed Warning On Plavix

Buy Plavix Online No Prescription

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