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Data Analyses Outline Efficacy And Safety Of MIRCERA(TM) For The Treatment Of Renal Anemia Associated With Chronic Kidney Disease

Reports Of Problems With Blood-Thinner Contradicted By McMaster Study

Gender Differences Studied In Risk Of Diseases Caused By Blood Clots

Clot Risk From HRT Pills And Patches

Successful Treatment For Mice With Beta-Thalassemia

New Study Demonstrates Ready-To-Use Cardene® I.V. More Effective Than Labetalol For Immediate Control Of Blood Pressure In Emergency Room Patients

Cooper Researchers Uncover Important Link In Sepsis Survival

Molecules With Interesting Anti-Clotting Properties Identified By Researchers

Contrary To Guidelines, Compression Stockings Do Not Reduce The Risk Of Blood Clots After Stroke (CLOTS Study)

Extended Anti-Clotting Drug Use May Help More Patients

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